Můžeš mít všechno co chceš

Helena Čubová was born in the wild west of Bohemian Czechia in 1982. After graduating as a book designer, illustrator and graphic designer, her life continues to be full of art and culture and travel. She thinks of herself as a “Worker of art”. In the past decade, her work has been exhibited across Czechia, both as an individual artists and within group exhibitions, displaying a diverse range of output including diaries, photography, drawings and design work. In between travel and making art, she has bore two children into the world - this time has helped to make room for everything she excels in - organising concerts, exhibiting other fine artists, taking care of future sailors and working to arrange the production of any design. In 2018, she discovered the world of collage, since then she has devoted herself to intensive cutting and gluing. To find out more about her work, you can check http://www.hecubadesign.cz or hecubadesign on instagram - better still, track her down out and about in Prague.